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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community
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Councilman At-Large candidate, Geoff Dorsey is a well-respected pillar in the Atlantic City community. Born and raised in Atlantic City, Dorsey graduated from Our Lady Star of the Sea School elementary , attended Chelsea Heights Elementary School, and is a proud Atlantic City Highschool Alumnus, class of 1992. His heart and soul are deeply rooted in the fabric of Atlantic City. 


Locals recognize the Dorsey Construction trucks throughout the South Jersey area, which was founded by Geoff Dorsey in 1999. Since then, he has expanded his locally owned and operated businesses to include Dorsey Concrete & Construction, AC/DC Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Dorsey’s Modern Plumbing, Dorsey’s Static Electric, & several other extensions of Dorsey Construction. Through these businesses, Dorsey has provided work opportunities to those in need of a chance. He has provided on-the-job training to friends, family, and locals who need an opportunity to succeed. Dorsey has offered a platform for growth for Atlantic City locals for over 20 years, which is something that he will continue to do as Councilman. 


While Dorsey’s companies are highly regarded in the local area, Dorsey himself is best known as a family man. Anytime you find him out in the community, you will often be greeted by his smiling wife, Libertad Pagan (known as Jessie), or one of his beautiful daughters. You may even find him with one of his adorable grandchildren on his hip throughout the day. Family is what drives Geoff Dorsey, it is what inspires him and encourages him to show up for others the way that he does. 


Dorsey was raised in Chelsea Heights the very same Atlantic City neighborhood that he now raises his family in. He often tells the story about how he bought a house in the same neighborhood he grew up in, walks to the same corner store that he did as a child, and witnesses the same sunrises and sunsets that he did as a youth. Dorsey knows first hand what it is like to grow up in Atlantic City, to start a business here, and to raise children on the island. These experiences provide him with a deep connection to the city from all angles and an understanding of what Atlantic City residents need to thrive. 


Anyone who knows Dorsey personally has likely experienced his loyalty and service to others first hand. Often straight forward in his speech, Dorsey calls life the way he sees it. It’s that straightforward rhetoric along with his pure desire for those around him succeed that people love about him. Geoff is the first one to lend a hand to someone in need, quick to challenge someone to reach their highest potential and the guy that everyone knows will show up and honor his word. 


These are the attributes that have led Geoff Dorsey to serve his community in so many ways from serving as the Safety and Facilities Chairman at The Boys and Girls Club of AC to his work as a board member at Atlantic City PAL. He is a founding board member at Future Leaders Organization, executive board member of Hispanic Association of AC, second VP to Friends in Action Inc of AC, member of the County Workforce Development Board for Youth Services Committee, on the board of directors for Star of the Sea School, and member of the Atlantic City chapter of NAACP. 


It is this experience serving those around him combined with his love of community, commitment to family, and success in business that makes Geoff Dorsey the perfect candidate for Councilman At-Large of Atlantic City. Dorsey is not a career politician but he is a lifelong problem-solver. There has never been a roadblock in Dorsey’s way that he hasn’t found a creative way to overcome. The lessons that he has learned through decades as a successful business owner, along with his love of the city that raised him provide Dorsey with a unique perspective on local government discussions. As a Councilman, Dorsey will offer a fresh new outlook that will undoubtedly bring positive change to Atlantic City. 


Geoff Dorsey is the prime candidate for Councilman, as every single attribute that has led him to this place in life will carry over into his public service position.

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