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As a community leader, I am committed to serving Atlantic City through integrity-backed leadership. I am dedicated to maintaining an honest flow of communication with constituents and using a solution-based approach to create positive change for our community.
Comprehensive Tax Reform

I have lived and worked in Atlantic City for decades. I understand the needs as well as the fears of Atlantic City residents. I am committed to working towards a comprehensive property tax reform plan. The plan includes expanding a pilot tax incentive program aimed at incentivizing residents and investors to improve their properties.


Additionally, I will champion and push for more programs that cultivate new homeownership for residents and city employees.


I have had the privilege of being both a mentor as well as a mentee in my life. Through these experiences, I have gained great respect for mentorship opportunities and the benefits of diversity in a community. That is why I plan to accelerate the initiative of scattered public housing sites that would allow families in need of public housing assistance to have options when it comes to where they choose to live.

21st Century Public Safety

Growing up in Atlantic City and subsequently, raising my own family here, I understand the importance of safety and mutual trust between the community and its police force. I understand that to have a police force that best serves and protects a community like Atlantic City, there are certain things that are needed.


I am committed to increasing community partnerships with the Atlantic City Police Department in an effort to build mutual trust and respect between the police and the people that they serve. Additionally, I believe that in order to best serve and protect, our police department is in need of 21st-century technologies, including body cameras, vehicle data uplinks, city-wide traffic cameras, all of which require the appropriate amount of funding to obtain. As Councilman, I will advocate for the necessary resources needed by the police department so that they have what they need to keep all members of our community safe and help foster relationships.


In a continued effort to maintain community trust in the police force, I plan to encourage and advocate for the incentivization of police officers who pursue continuing education and training initiatives. Continuing education courses include police public safety partnerships, use of force and de-escalation policies, and community policing. This training helps our officers to better interact with the residents living in our city.

Job Opportunity and Growth

I have owned businesses in Atlantic City since 1999. I understand what it takes to start a new business and the complex systems that must be navigated. I am prepared to serve as a liaison for new startup businesses.  As a councilman, I am committed to working with new business owners to guide them through the process, helping them to obtain the connections and resources that they need to see success.


Over the years as a business owner, I always strived to use my platforms to create opportunities for young people in the trade industry. I am committed to using my position as Councilman to expanding apprenticeship opportunities for Atlantic City residents who want to start a career in trades work.


My commitment to the expansion of new businesses doesn't end with the inception. As an elected leader in Atlantic City, I will continue to use my platform and resources to promote new startup businesses and development projects.


As a councilman, my biggest promise is that I will spend my time listening to constituents’ issues and help them to find result-oriented solutions.

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